Get yourself Trickled!

Trickle Improv is a Belgian theatre duo, bringing improvised plays to the stage, usually with an unknown guest performer.

Fixed members

Trickle consists out of three fixed members: two actors and two musicians. Our signature formats however, always include a third guest performer.

Iwein Speelman

Iwein Speelman

Unpleasantly crazy until the second coffee at 10am, hiding his compulsions behind some British phlegmatic temperament the rest of the day. Improvisation beast in real life, lecturer in a college for a hobby.

Bart Van Loon

Bart Van Loon

General interest entrepreneur, geek-for-life, public speaker and in his spare time pianist, improv actor and dance teacher. Also known as Captain Enthusiasm.

Bart Fets

Multi-instrumentalist in more bands than you can count. Driven by teaching teachers and reforming the education system.

Vincent Ceulemans

Swapping between standing on stage and playing the piano next to the stage, Vincent keeps his little inner spark of insanity alive with improvisation in diversity. His big Boss, as he believes, likes humour and creativity.