Get yourself Trickled!

Trickle Improv is a Belgian theatre duo, bringing improvised plays to the stage, usually with an unknown guest performer.


25th March 2017, show in Uppsala with Tamara Maasdam

Saturday 25th March 2017 we got to perform in Uppsala (Sweden) at the wonderful #SWIMP17 festival organised by Teater Prego. They got a really special guest for us that night: Tamara Maasdam from the Netherlands who lives in Stockholm since 2014.

We had met Tamara before, but never shared a stage with her, so this was a really pleasant surprise. Thank you SWIMP!

(pictures by Palli Kristmundsson)

16th December 2016, first fully improvised concert

Friday 16th December 2016 was a special night. For the first time, Trickle invited no less than 5 guests – musicians and singers from all over the country and even Strasbourg – to perform a fully improvised musical concert.

Thank you Katja Vander Poorten for the wonderful photographic memories.

11th November 2016, show in Dublin with Kaisa Kokko from Finland

Improv Fest in Dublin also saw a show by Trickle, this time with the wonderful Kaisa from Finland as our guest. Our pianist Vincent Ceulemans had travelled with us to Ireland and improvised together with Roger Skogholm from Gothenburg on percussion.

4th November 2016, show in Munich with Inbal Lori from Israel

Trickle is so grateful to the organising team of Improvember in Munich to arrange for us to perform with the amazing Inbal Lori at their festival. We also got to team up for the occasion with an amazingly talented guitarist and even a beatboxer. Whattt?

Thanks Alexander Brandt for the beautiful photos!

21st October 2016, show in Tallinn with Hila Castro from Israel

We were so proud of our invitation to perform at the international improv theatre festival in Estonia and got even more delighted when we heard the festival organizers had selected Hila to guest with us!

The wonderful Phil Lunn teamed up with our own Bart Fets for the musical accompaniment.

Thanks to Merle Karulin for these pictures:

18th March 2016, joint show with Rocky Amaretto (Amsterdam), Ghent

We shared the stage with Rocky Amaretto, a renowned longform group from Amsterdam. We really enjoyed mixing with other artistic disciplines: Rocky brought a poet, and Trickle invited a visual artist with them on stage!

Thanks to Thomas Bossuyt who made the following pictures:

12th February 2016, Easylaughs, Amsterdam

We had the opportunity to play our format Table Companions in Amsterdam, followed by a mixed show with the Easylaughs performers. We had a great time with our guest performer Nathan Keates from Bristol, England!

Thanks to Robin Straaijer for these wonderful pictures.

6th February 2016, Cultuurmolen, Mechelen

We were proud to being invited by Cultuurmolen in Mechelen for a show in their prominent attic where so many great artists have taken the stage before us. For this occasion, we played with Charlotte De Metsenaere and had a real blast experimenting with audience suggestions submitted on little strips of paper.

5th November 2015, BIG IF 3, Barcelona

Trickle performed with the amazing Jill Bernard at the international improv festival in Barcelona.
Thank you Olivier Valiente for these amazing photos.

Thank you Alessio Carone for these great photos.

14th December 2014, Sint-Jansbergklooster, Zelem

This was one of our monthly shows at the castle monastery in Zelem, with Veerle Brans as a guest performer. Thank you Gijsbert Vandeweerdt for the beautiful pictures!

29th October 2014, TVL, Hasselt

Veeeery brief introduction of Trickle on regional television in Belgium together with one fo our regular hosts from Zelfies. In Dutch.

23rd March 2014, Sint-Jansbergklooster, Zelem

This was one of our monthly shows at the castle monastery in Zelem, with Jan Buermans (BIL, Improfeten) as a guest performer. Thank you Gijsbert Vandeweerdt for the beautiful pictures!